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All we know about High-ticket online coaching product sales

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In these materials, we share with you ALL we know about High-Ticket for online coaches that made us go from $0 to $197k/Month in just 11 months:

Our Secret Strategies:

  • How we get $0.04 cost per clicks (average of the industry is $2.05)
  • Our secret strategy to get unlimited leads for FREE that others PAID ADS for (how to ethically steal leads!)
  • How to make the ads spent budget back before even selling your High-Ticket offer ?
  • How to sell the leads that didn't convert to customers ? and make the money spent to acquire them back ?
  • How to build sales funnels that ACTUALLY convert !
  • How to do organic and go viral on social media ?
  • How to scale without losing profit margins ?

Product-Market Fit Training:

  • High-Ticket Roadmap for success.
  • Step-by-step to find the High-Ticket product your fans will BEG you to buy.
  • How to charge 10 times more without doing more work ?

Marketing Training:

  • Digital Marketing Mastery - learn what ad agencies do exactly -Save $3,500/month you would have paid for ad marketing agencies-
  • How to do IG/Fb ads, read the KPI's, and be profitable ?
  • How to do YouTube/Google ads, read the KPI's, and be profitable ?
  • How to do SEO to improve website visibility ?

Sales training:

  • Copy-Paste our Exact sales script that makes us $197k+ in sales (6 step call to convert).
  • How to handle the Price objection while selling High-Ticket ?
  • How to handle the 'I need to talk to my Spouce' objection while selling High-Ticket ?
  • How to handle the 'I need' Time to think' objection while selling High-Ticket ?
  • How to handle the Belief objection while selling High-Ticket ?

Automation training:

  • How to automate client acquisition ?
  • How to automate onboarding clients ?
  • How to automate service delivery for client ?

Leadership Training:

  • How to work on your business, not in it ?
  • How to lead your team effortlessly ?
  • Business planning and strategy development for growth.

Mindset Training:

  • Mandatory Mindset to have to scale your coaching business, and how to turn all the stress to a powerful force in your favour ?
  • How to be 10 times more productive in your business, and reach 50k/Month in record time ?

Notice :

The content inside is :

  • specific and tailored to online coaches that have Youtube Channels (because some of our strategies work only if you have a Youtube Channel. Example: strategy for 0.04$ cost per click).
  • concise, we've made it the most concise possible (because we know that less time you take between you learning and applying this, the quicker you'll see results).
  • practical and not just theoretical, you get concrete steps to follow (our knowledge comes from spending more than $130k in ad-spent to date!)

You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (68MB)
  • MP4 (99MB)
  • MP4 (65MB)
  • MP4 (52MB)